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  • Cat Health Problems
    No matter what breed of cat you own, cat health problems are to be expected sooner or later. While some may be hereditary, there are others that can easily be prevented...

    • Feline Diabetes
      There are several different types of ailments that cats can get, one of which is feline diabetes. Feline diabetes is a serious disease, although it can be treated by a veterinarian

    • Ringworm in Cats
      Ringworm in cats is a very common form of skin disease that is also found in dogs. With cats, there is a certain type of fungi known as M Canis that is found with nearly 95% of all ringworm cases

    • Getting Rid of Bad Cat Breath
      As any cat owners will tell you, they know for a fact that bad cat breath can be downright awful

    • Best Methods for Medicating a Cat
      there are ways that you can get your cat to take his pills, and we'll discuss some of the best methods for medicating a cat...

    • Heartworm Cat Treatment
      As most pet owners already know, heartworm cat treatment isn't the same as it is for dogs. Never, under any circumstances, should you give your cat heartworm treatment that is designed for a dog...

    • Cat Herpes - Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
      Cat Herpes is usually referred to as Feline viral rhinotracheitis (FVR) is a respiratory disease of cats caused by feline herpesvirus 1, of the family Herpesviridae...

    • Feline Distemper
      Feline panleukopenia, more commonly known as feline distemper, is a viral infection affecting cats caused by feline parvovirus, a close relative of canine parvovirus

    • Feline immunodeficiency virus
      Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a lentivirus that affects domesticated housecats worldwide. According to J. R. Richards (Feline immunodeficiency virus vac

    • Why Do Pets Have Bad Breath
      Why do pets have bad breath - Pet owners probably agree that their cat or dog may not have the loveliest breath.

    • Learn About Cat Heart Disease
      Cat heart disease if diagnosed earlier and treated, the chance of survival if high and may live longer.

    • Diagnosing and Treating Feline Diabetes
      Believed to effect 1 in 400 cats, feline diabetes often presents itself with symptoms that are very similar to those found in humans

  • Cat Health (Home)
    cat health - Keeping your cat healthy is the key to extending your cats life. Although cats are independent by nature they really do need a good caretaker

    • Tips For Raising a Healthy Cat
      Like any other pet that you may own, including dogs, cats cost money to take care of properly and have a healthy cat.

    • Cat Declawing Can Be Harmful to Your Cat
      The claws are important to cats, as they are an essential part of balancing and they use them for many purposes so you need to give cat declawing some serious consideration before having it done.

    • Are These Five Killers Chasing Your Cat?
      As a cat owner, your first responsibility is to keep your pet healthy. However, even with balanced nutrition and a good amount of love and attention, cats can still get sick..

    • Keeping Your Cat Healthy And Happy
      when something goes wrong and your feline friend is not feeling well, the results can be devastating. Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to help keep your cat healthy and happy.

    • Nutrition for An Aging Cat
      aging cat - As cats age, they become much more vulnerable to disease, as their immune system weakens over time. A cat’s diet should reflect that change and be altered to provide more of a defense

    • Declawing Your Cat
      declawing your cat - This is a very controversial topic which has a lot of emotion behind but it needs to be looked at.

  • Healthy Cat Advice
    For the most part to have a healthy cat, all you really need to do is give him good shelter, food, and plenty of water

    • Grooming is Important to Your Cat's Health
      Although cats do clean themselves, they still need your help in being groomed. Grooming is very important, as it important to your cat's health...

    • Does Your Cat Need a Cat Whisperer
      A cat whisperer is somewhat similar to a dog or horse whisperer, although cat whisperers relate quite well with cats

    • How To Deal With Abused Cats
      Abused cats can appear severely maimed and damaged all over their exterior. Some may appear to be in perfect shape on the outside....

    • How To Keep Your Cat Healthy
      Even with the best care you can't always keep your cat healthy, cats can become ill. Sometimes this means a simple "kitty cold," at other times....

    • Cat health and cat care
      cat health - Cats are living longer lives thanks to dedicated care from their humans, and advances in veterinary medicine. Most experts consider a cat's "senior years" to begin on her 10th birth

    • How To Choose The Right Cat Food
      People spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a cat to keep it healthy, but most cat owners don't pay nearly enough attention to the proper cat food.

    • A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat
      Cat care is the most important part of having a healthy cat that's happy. The more you know about cat care, the better you will be able to meet your feline's physical and emotional needs

    • Tips On Maintaining Cat Health
      Cat health is something all cat owners should know something about. You can improve and maintain the health of your cat, and doing this takes little time and effort...

    • What Every Cat Lover Should Know About Cat Health
      Cat health is strongly affected by what your pet eats. Obesity is a major factor in heart disease particularly as you cat gets older.

    • Why You Should Be Concerned with Your Cat Health Care
      cat health care - The more fully you educate yourself about the ins and outs of cat care, the more able you will be to create an ideal care regimen for your pet

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