Cat Health
By Paul Hegarty

Keeping your cat healthy is the key to extending your cats life. Although cats are independent by nature they really do need a good caretaker. As an owner of a cat you take on the responsibility of caring for your cat and making sure its needs are met.

Your cat needs access to fresh water daily. The water bowl should be cleaned out regularly. Feed your cat good quality cat food. Ask your veterinarian whether the brand you feed meets your cats requirements for his lifestyle and age. Obesity in cats is common in indoor cats. If you have an indoor cat and he has free access to food all day, you may try a light variety to slim him down. If you have a senior indoor cat he may need more nutrients than the light food offers, so once again it is a good idea to ask your veterinarian.

Exercise is very important for your cat. An indoor cat will often eat out of pure boredom. Provide a selection of cat toys and cat furniture such as a cat tree, to entertain your cat. Even an outdoor cat can benefit from this. Taking time at the end of the day to play with your cat will help keep it active.

When we have been away from home and our cat has been indoors the entire day, we help him unwind his excess energy with a bouncing ball. As a kitten he learned to jump in the air and catch a bouncing ball and we keep him entertained for half an hour with his attempts. Our other cat prefers to play 'fetch', where we throw a toy mouse for her to run and find. She does not always bring it back, but as soon as I say "are you ready?" She jumps behind our bedroom door and gets prepared to stalk her prey.

Providing a good scratching post is a wise investment. It may well limit the damage to your furniture and it satisfies your cats need to scratch. Keeping your indoor cats nails trimmed is important to keep them in good condition and so that they do not get too long. If you notice your outdoor cat getting his claws stuck in carpet or fabric he may be in need of a trim too. Most outdoor cats are able to keep their claws worn to a reasonable length.

Grooming your cat regularly helps reduce shedding and prevents matted hair. Both long and short haired cats will benefit from a groom. A brush is often a better suited grooming tool than a comb as it does not pull the hair. Keep your cat free of fleas and ticks.

A healthy cat is a happy cat. Taking time to meet your cats needs will keep your cat comfortable and content. You are rewarded with a purring companion cuddled up in your lap.

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