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Benefits of a Pilates Class are Endless

Pilates is a technique of exercising devised by Joseph Pilates, a German National who as a frail child turned to exercise to strengthen his body. When he introduced the technique to America, It instantly became a favorite among the dancers, who needed flexibility without bulking the muscles. And from there, the exercise grew to generally everyone who wants a low intensity workout.

The benefits if a Pilates class is endless, not only does it help tone your body, it also helps your mind, kind of like yoga, but Pilates is most popular for its application to rehabilitation as well as to those people that are becoming weak with aging.

Pilates and Pilates classes have been done for over 90 years since its introduction in the 1910's and the benefits have been manifesting themselves since then. Here are a few of the benefits you'll get when you take a Pilates class.

Improvement in Flexibility

A Pilates class improves your flexibility; it focuses on stretching after all. With every day starting to get something like a picture, nobody moving, stretching is very essential to help tone your body. Because we tend not to move so much, the muscles become stiff restricting muscle movement. Pilates Classes help with flexibility by stretching your muscles, and for all those who does gym work or weights, stretching also help avoid injuries.

Better Posture

Most of the time, we only do exercises that focus on certain muscles, the abs the arms the legs, this makes some parts developed and some slightly lagging behind. A Pilates class helps you exercise all of your body parts and it can correct all the imbalances that you may find in your body. The core muscle groups, the pelvis abdomen and buttocks, are being exercise more often giving making the body more symmetrical and aligned. Pilates classes essentially strengthen your muscles and lengthens it as well which improves your body shape as well as your posture. And with stretching exercises, it also makes your muscle elastic.

Stress Management

Stress is probably one of the most observable cons of modern day living, Pilates classes improves the body as well as the mind to help it cope with stress , it focuses your mind while doing relaxing breathing exercises, which relaxes the body and eases stress.


One other benefits of a Pilates Class is the overall mental wellness that it provides. By breathing correctly, you improve blood supply and flow to the brain. With the improve circulation, toxins that are in the body gets released, giving the brain more, for the lack of a better word, 'breathing room' giving you a sounder, more alert mind.

Develops you core

The body's core, is one of the main focuses of a Pilates class, simply because since it is the core muscles of your body, (near the spine and the lower pelvis) it facilitates movement and carries most of parts of the body, a stronger core means as stronger body.

Better motion

Pilates classes, unlike yoga, improve motion and make it, smoother to move from one position to another. By working many muscle groups at once in a continuous motion, the muscles get used to working together, making the pattern smother, and less strenuous. This smoother movement helps you avoid injuries as well as good posture.

The yoga mat is a good place to turn when talk
therapy and antidepressants aren't enough. ~Amy Weintraub