rfid Radio Frequency Identification

Human Microchip Implant

A human microchip implant is an integrated circuit device, a RFID tag, encased in silicate glass and implanted into a human's body. Such implants are used for information storage, such as personal identification, medical history, medication allergies, and contact information. If the implant is GPS-enabled, it makes it possible for individuals to be physically located by latitude, longitude, speed, and direction of movement. Verichip is one of the devices used for this purpose.


  • Hospitals can gain access to medical history regardless of location by scanning one’s implant chip. The speed at which this information can be attained may be vital to one’s survival.

  • Contrary to popular belief a chip that allows GPS tracking of individuals does not yet exist. Many news sources and websites have confused the issue implantable chip and wearable tracking devices.

  • Theoretically, such a tracking function could aid authorities in locating missing persons, fugitives, etc… The tracking function could also be used to identify criminals at the scene of a crime and as well as locating those who have fled the scene of the crime.
  • Potential threat with respect to invasion of privacy

  • Potential threat to religious liberty

  • Potential compromise to religious salvation

Ethical & Spiritual Issues

  • The Bible talks about the "Mark of the Beast" in Revelations 13:16-18, to be placed on one's forehead or wrist, and without them, you cannot buy or sell. One interpretation of these verses is that it may describe implant chips that could be used in a cashless society.
  • Tracking devices and "credit chips" can be woven onto each piece of clothing, or even fitted into rings instead of inside bodies since some Christians would be opposed to having a chip implanted anywhere on their bodies.
  • The rights of religious prisoners would also come into question, if a prisoner had concerns the implant were the mark of the beast. To minimize the costs of prison maintenance, some prisons might opt to make implants mandatory. Concerned prisoners might be permitted to abstain from receiving the implant

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