rfid Radio Frequency Identification

RFID Equipment available at Amazon

TagTracker - RFID Test Suite and Demonstration Software - TagTracker is a demonstration application, which interacts with RFID readers in order to read RFID tags (transponders) in the range of the antenna

Socket Rfid Reader Card - adds high frequency RFID capabilities to your mobile data collection application with Socket's CompactFlash RFID Reader Card.

Informatics WASPTIME PREMIUM RFID ( 633808550028 ) -This  program allows you to enjoy the benefits of an automated time and tracking system with the convenience of a RFID time clock. Employees just need to simply swipe their badge near the clock and the RFID reader automatically captures the input.

Wasp Wasptime RFID 25-Pack Badges Sequence 26-50 - badges to be used by employees when using the WaspTime program. Badges also available in other sequences such as 51-75 and 76-100.

Intelli-River Barcode Reader CCD Gun and Laser Scanner, USB - hand held scanner that scans any barcode symbology

MS 9540 - Metrologic Barcode Reader, Laser Scanner with trigger, USB - an intuitive scanning system that is ideal for all scanning applications, including POS, document processing, inventory and menu scanning, just to name a few. It works hand in hand with Metrologic's automatic-triggering scheme. Just present a bar code to the scanner, place the high-visibility laser line on the bar code, then press the CodeGate button to transmit the data to the host system.

Socket RF5400-542 SOCKET RFID Reader Card - Allows you to read/write to high frequency RFID Tags with your Pocket PC. Socket Scan software enters tag ID number into any Windows Application just like it had been manually entered- no custom programming required.