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RFID Implants with GPS, Digital Angel Product Review and Future Trends
By Lance Winslow

The Digital Angel Corporation has been exploring implants of RFID Tags with GPS tracking capability. These subdermal microchip RFID Tag implants will be put into the skin of pets, CIA assets and even children. Some have talked about “Sexual Predator” and Child Molester use to protect people from repeat offenders.

Of course it has obvious uses in the military for "Blue Force Tracking" as it serves a niche in the Future Fighting Force Roadmap, as the modern battlespace becomes more mechanized, precise and integrates robotics and humans.

What about tracking your children? Not a bad idea, no need to deal with wristbands, which could be removed by the abductor. Of course similar units can be put inside cell phones or into Cargo Containers too?

Such technologies will replace ELTs (Emergency Locator Transmitters) in aircraft and other such things. Can you imagine the ability of manufacturers, retailers or the Government to track World Wide Equipment Inventories, etc.

Some fear Big Brother will wish to track all humans; Do you think someone will put one inside of you; if so why; what would be the motive? Still some fear such electronic tagging devices. Others say that we ought to put them inside of Al Queda and use them as a catch and releases to track them and child molesters too?

How about endangered species? Weather Balloons, dignitaries, Iraqi civilian workers and other versions on all handheld shoulder fired weapons and hand guns, which are manufactured World Wide? No matter how you feel about subdermal Digital Angel Technologies, they are indeed a wonderful tool and useful for many things. Many subdermal implants eventually will run on the vibrational energy of the human bio-system and never need any other power source and you will not even know they are there.

Other applications will be developed in the future to help athletes train, by measuring the distance and speed during workouts and thus help them with conditioning and training. Eventually integrated parts such as these will become a future trend as people learn to accept these technological advances. Think on it.

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