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Conspiracy Theorists and the Mark of the Beast; RFID Implants
By Lance Winslow

The Radio Frequency Identification Tags are able to help streamline distributions and transportation systems in a way, which was never possible before. They allow products and inventory with complete tracking while on the shelf of the store, warehouse or in route. As a matter of fact they can track just about anything you see. Anything you ask, or anybody? Indeed if implanted they could track anybody or every body from cradle to grave.

Do you really believe that RFID implants will lead to the "Mark of the Beast" scenario? Do you believe in that hokum? In the future small implants will allow the body to talk to medical devices, ask for nutrients it needs and deficiencies, even warn of problems. Implants can also help us track "Child Molesters" or our Soldiers or even volunteer peace workers in places they might be kidnapped? RFID Tags can help us track cargo, trucks, shipments to improve the flows of civilization as well.

Are you worried about your rights as a citizen or being implanted with an RFID Tag? Do you believe this is going to lead to the seven-year tribulations in Revelations? Are you spooked yet? Do you believe in secret societies and conspiracy theories? Boo! Think on this in 2006.

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